Prelude to GTC 2013: GPUs Are Not Just for Pretty Visuals

The GPU was initially conceived as a device to boost visualization, but it has evolved so much beyond its origin that the term graphics processor seems like a misnomer. Today, GPUs are a big part of parallel computing, also called high-performance computing (HPC). They’re fueling large-scale simulation, analysis, and number crunching in scientific research, space exploration, weather prediction, and more. At the upcoming GPU Technology Conference (GTC), NVIDIA plans to expose many other use of the GPU beside producing pretty visuals with dense pixels. (Note: DE is a media partner of GTC.) →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

NVIDIA Gets Ready to Float the GPU in Cloud

As NVIDIA sees it, you don’t necessarily need to be sitting in front of your GPU-equipped workstation to experience the power of the GPU. You should be able to tap into your desktop machine’s graphics horsepower remotely from anywhere, using a lightweight machine or a mobile device. Simply put, you could be running GPU-accelerated games, movies, modeling, and simulation programs from a tablet, connected to your remote GPU-powered workstation or data center on a high bandwidth. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading