PTC Live Global 2013: This is Your Car, Reminding You to Change Oil

In the flickering light of a candelabra, a mysterious gypsy girl spoke of the future of manufacturing. Studying a series of upturned tarot cards, she declared, “Products as we know them will no longer be the same. Cars will be transformed in many ways. They will not be bought and owned as they are today. Instead, people will buy mobility … We will see it everywhere — products delivered as a service, personalized and optimized to individual needs … It begins with products that are smarter. Software revolutionizes the way people interact with and learn from products. Connected, sharing vast amount of data in the cloud, sending early warnings, receiving continual enhancements, they reach unimagined level of performance and value.”

The voice of the fortuneteller is the voice of PTC, dramatized for the video clip that launched PTC Live Global 2013 conference (Anaheim Convention Center, June 9-12). Later, the company’s senior VP and CTO Andrew Wertkin echoed the gypsy girl’s predictions. Continue reading

PTC’s Windchill Essentials is Made for SMBs

One of the greatest barriers to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) adoption has been complexity. Not just complexity in how to best leverage the software for real business advantage, but also in how to address the challenging IT support aspects related to the platform, including how to effectively deploy and configure the software to work within a specific technology infrastructure.

While large enterprises have had their fair share of well-publicized bouts trying to tame the PLM beast, small and mid-sized companies (SMBs) have mostly shied away, reluctant to take on a technology many larger companies couldn’t swallow. At the same time, however, smaller manufacturers face a lot of the same product development and engineering challenges as their bigger brethren. Time-to-market pressures, increasingly dispersed and sometimes global engineering teams, and the need for more cost-effective and repeatable design processes have many SMBs hungry for a solution that can help them better coordinate product development strategies, optimize design cycles, and institute better planning. Continue reading

PTC’s SLM Vision Gets A Boost From Eurocopter Win

PTC’s vision for branching beyond its product development roots to a concept it’s been calling Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) got a recent boost with Eurocopter, one of its major customers, announcing plans to leverage PTC technology to make its service operations a more significant contributor to corporate profits. Continue reading

10,000 Year Clock Serves As A Crash Course In Materials Science

Choosing the optimal materials mix has long been a vexing challenge for engineers, particularly when trying to zero in on a composition that can withstand the wear and tear of a product’s full lifecycle. But what about when the plans for that product call for it to be housed inside a mountainous cavern with a lifespan of 10,000 years? Continue reading

PTC Mathcad Express: Free for Life

For ordinary folks, there’s Excel; for engineers, there are technical calculation programs like MathWorks MATLAB or PTC Mathcad. The latter are designed specifically for handling equations, formulas, and for importing these numbers into design programs. And they’re usually not cheap.

But this week, PTC is releasing a limited version of its Mathcad as Mathcad Express, a free-for-life software (PTC’s words). You can download it at the product page here.(“It’s a soft-ish launch,” wrote Lindsey Christensen, PTC’s marketing program manager.) Continue reading






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