The Morgan Motor Challenge: Think Like an Ad Agency, Win $5,000 and a HP ZBook

Usually you design products, but can you also design an ad? If you can, you might win $5,000, a HP ZBook (estimated price $4,400), and publication credits at Morgan Motor’s website and magazine. The “Design for Morgan Motor Company” challenge asks you to create a magazine ad to promote the Morgan 3 Wheeler, a modern successor to the iconic vehicle that dated all the way back to 1910.

The challenge is hosted by Talenthouse, an online portal that connects artists and band advertisers. Along with Morgan Motor, Autodesk, HP, and NVIDIA are involved in the campaign. The winning entry will be part of the Morgan 3 Wheeler’s launch at an auto trade show. Continue reading

Insights from the DE-HP Workstation Study

Apparently, one of the most desirable characteristics of a workstation is expandability.

In the survey DE and HP began running in June (still ongoing), participants were asked to list “characteristic statements that may be important to the selection of a professional workstation.” They were also asked to rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means the characteristic is extremely important, and 1 means not at all important. When tabulated, the scores showed that the top ranking choice was “reliable/stable/scalable” (70%), closely followed by “performance/computing horsepower” (64%). Continue reading

Siemens PLM Connection 2012: Hardware Spotting

Clearly, the mouse-and-keyboard combo was never meant to be an input system for working with 3D data. It was designed for text input (dating back to the DOS command-line era), but it was adopted by CAD users, for the lack of alternatives. Over time, familiarity gave CAD users the impression that rotating 3D models with a mouse cursor was the standard mode of operation. Continue reading

HP: Seeking to Change the Workstation Market with HP Z1

The HP Z1, dubbed an all-in-one workstation, made its debut at SolidWorks World in San Diego, California (Feb. 12-15, 2012). The press event itself drew a large crowd, making it nearly impossible for any reporter to get a good photo of the unit. (If you could imagine the high-tech equivalent of a Lady Gaga spotting, you’d get an idea what it was like.) Continue reading

Jon Peddie Research: Workstation Market Shows Return of Momentum

Jon Peddie Research (JPR), which publishes a number of market reports, observed, “From mid-2008 to mid-2011, we lived through the biggest economic downturn in a generation, followed by a relatively steady, but not stutter-free, recovery.” But when it tallied up the latest numbers for workstations, it saw some signs of a return to normalcy.

Releasing its Q3 2011 Workstation Report, JPR said, “The neither hot nor cold results from the workstation market’s second quarter might not elicit any celebration, but we imagine they at least calmed some still-frayed nerves.” Continue reading






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