Wanted: Students to Design Unamanned Aircraft for Agriculture

On the outset, the challenge for the high school students seems straightforward: design “a UAS (unmanned aircraft system), which may have a fixed wing, rotorcraft, or hybrid design.” But this UAS needs to perform certain mission-critical tasks. It needs to fly over the cornfields of Iowa and pick out areas affected by a pest known as the European Corn Borer (in its lava stage, it can tunnel into the corn’s ear and feed on the plant). Oh, by the way, the project needs to stay within budget and come with a business plan.

The prizes are: $50,000 scholarships from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to each student on the national winning team; and a $1,000 stipend to the teacher who best integrates the challenge into their curriculum.

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10,000 Year Clock Serves As A Crash Course In Materials Science

Choosing the optimal materials mix has long been a vexing challenge for engineers, particularly when trying to zero in on a composition that can withstand the wear and tear of a product’s full lifecycle. But what about when the plans for that product call for it to be housed inside a mountainous cavern with a lifespan of 10,000 years? Continue reading

PTC Gets Ready to Mobilize Windchill

Last June, during PlanetPTC Live user conference, Brian Shepherd, PTC’s executive VP of product development, decided to shake things up a bit, quite literally. He previewed an iPad app (only a prototype at the time) that lets you explode an assembly model by shaking the device. By the end of March, what Shepherd demonstrated could be available commercially. Continue reading

Creo Direct 1.0, A Brand New Direct Modeler from PTC

Creo Direct 1.0, part of PTC’s Creo app family, was “built from the ground up,” in PTC’s own words. That warrants an explanation, as PTC already has a robust, commercial-class direct modeler. Under the campaign to remake itself as the house of Creo, PTC renamed CoCreate as PTC Creo Elements/Direct. In fact, PTC now has not two but four direct-modeling alternatives: Continue reading

Autodesk Goes Christmas Shopping, Buys T-Splines’ Asset

Consumer confidence is rising, judging from the stream of shoppers crashing through the gates of shopping malls during pre- and post-Christmas sales. And consumers are not the only ones opening their wallets for good deals. Three days before Christmas, Autodesk went out and bought T-Splines‘ technology assets. This put T-Splines’ lineup of surfacing plug-ins — T-Splines for Rhino, tsElements for SolidWorks — in Autodesk’s pocket. Continue reading






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