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A Quick Look at Lagoa’s Cloud-Hosted Rendering

There are quite a few CAD-friendly rendering packages in the market: Luxion KeyShot, Bunkspeed SHOT, The Foundry’s MODO (a Luxology product before The Foundary-Luxology merger), to name but three. Because rendering is a compute-intense process, rendering programs usually require a robust workstation powered by multiple CPUs (and, for the packages that support it, GPUs too). If you install and run these programs on a typical consumer PC, your machine will most likely freeze up or slow to a crawl when the rendering operation begins.

Lagoa‘s basic tools are not significantly different from what you’ll find in a typical rendering program: You import your 3D asset, set up the scene, and render it into an high-res image. The major difference is the hardware requirement — or the lack of it. Lagoa runs inside a browser, so you don’t need to install the program. Once you’ve acquired your credentials, you can log into your private workspace online. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Rescale: Build Your Own Simulation Template in the Cloud

On a bright sunny Friday, I ventured out to San Francisco’s South of Market District (SOMA), to locate the office of Rescale in the cluster of start-ups that dot the neighborhood. Somewhere between GreenCitizen Inc. and Kate O’Briens Irish pub, I found the buzzer to Rescale’s door.

Sunny Manivannan, Rescale’s VP of business development, popped his head out to identify the entrance. (I had already overshot the floor and was half way up another flight.) “The floor labeling system isn’t the best here,” he said. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

CyDesign on Cloud: Pay as You Go, but not SaaS.

People who are involved in DARPA’s FANG (fast adaptable next-generation ground) vehicle design program may not realize they’re interacting with a component supplied by a start-up based in Palo Alto, California. Embedded inside META, the web-hosted software accessible to all FANG participants free of charge, is the technology from CyDesign, a company founded by Serdar Uckun. Formerly a principal scientist at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and technical area lead at NASA Ames Research Center, Uckun has extensive experience in system engineering and complex system design. About a year go, Uckun decided to create a commercial version of the software he developed. So he set up shop about five miles away from Stanford University and lunched CyDesign. The new company’s product, CyDesign Studio, is gearing up for public release in summer 2013. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

NVIDIA Gets Ready to Float the GPU in Cloud

As NVIDIA sees it, you don’t necessarily need to be sitting in front of your GPU-equipped workstation to experience the power of the GPU. You should be able to tap into your desktop machine’s graphics horsepower remotely from anywhere, using a lightweight machine or a mobile device. Simply put, you could be running GPU-accelerated games, movies, modeling, and simulation programs from a tablet, connected to your remote GPU-powered workstation or data center on a high bandwidth. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Autodesk Trims One Area, Grows Another


Autodesk is shedding weight in one area, but also gaining in another. The design software titan is trimming 7% of its workforce, which works out to approximately 500 positions. But, according to Noah Cole, the company’s senior PR manager, “We are planning to hire approximately the same number of positions as will be eliminated.” →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading