Let Us Show You How to Get Your Own Mojo

DE and Stratasys launch second annual Rapid Ready Sweepstakes

From the Stratasys Idea Series, desktop 3D printer Mojo uses fused deposition modeling (FDM) to turn 3D digital models into physical prototypes.

If you’re a successful designer or engineer, you probably have more than enough mojo, chutzpah, or gumption to pitch and propose bold ideas. We wouldn’t presume to think we can supply you with that kind of mojo.

The Mojo we’re giving away is Mojo with a capital M — a desktop 3D printing system from Stratasys.

Last year, in the inaugural Rapid Ready sweepstakes organized by DE and Stratasys, we gave away a uPrint 3D printer to Maegan Spencer, an R&D engineer from California-based medical equipment maker Avinger. (Meagan has since moved on to another company.) A month after we delivered the prize, we revisited Meagan to find out how the 3D printer had changed her life. We found her churning out everything, from custom tube-cutters and device holders she couldn’t get at local hardware retailers to mountain-climbing accessories for her leisure time. (Read “uPrint Sweepstakes Winner Explains Benefit of Personalized Design,” July 2012.)

This year, in the Second Annual Rapid Ready sweepstakes, DE and Stratasys come together once again to give away a Mojo 3D Print Pack, usually sold retail for $9,900. Mojo is part of Stratasys’ Idea Series. It uses fused deposition modeling (FDM) to create solid prototypes. With it, designers and engineers can easily turn their digital 3D CAD models into physical prototypes for project proposal, client presentation, or physical testing.

The winner will receive not just the Mojo 3D printer, but a Mojo 3D Print Pack, which also includes everything you need to start creating right away:

  • A startup supply of materials and bases.
  • The Mojo Print Wizard and Control Panel software.
  • A WaveWash 55 support removal system.

To find out more about Mojo, go to Stratasys’ dedicated home page for the printer.

To enter the sweepstakes, go to the DE-Stratasys Rapid Ready Sweepstakes page.

Good luck!

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