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GPU-Accelerated Romance, 3D-Printed Valentines, and CAD-Cut Jewels

Most of you rely on the GPU to render your CAD assemblies into ray-traced eye candies or pump up the blood and gore in your favorite first-person shooter games. (Did I hear someone mention Battlefield 3?) It turns out, with a little bit of programming — and a lot of ingenuity — you might also be able to use the graphics processor to speed up your search for a love match. Continue reading

Introducing Joe Lutgen, the 2013 DE-Stratasys Rapid Ready Sweepstakes Winner

In the wee hours of one morning, Joe Lutgen came across the DE-Stratasys Rapid Ready sweepstakes announcement. It offered Joe — and many others — a chance to win a Mojo 3D printer, priced around $9,900 retail. Joe, who owns and runs his own engineering consulting business RSI Mechanical LLC, is no stranger to 3D printing. He has used it while working with clients in the medical equipment, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

“Maybe I have a shot at this,” Joe thought. So he entered his name. A few weeks later, he received a call from DE‘s publisher Tom Conlon. That’s how Joe found out he was about to become the owner of a brand new Mojo. Continue reading

The Stratasys-Objet Merger: Going Beyond the Headlines

The list of major players in rapid prototyping and 3D printing is not a very long one. In fact, if you try to count them with your fingers, you wouldn’t need to use both hands. In that tightly packed corner, a new super pact was formed when 3D Systems acquired Z Corp. this January. Another one emerged last month when Stratasys and Objet came together. That leaves essentially two big names — 3D Systems and Stratasys — as the principle movers of the industry. In this podcast recorded, Jon Cobb, Stratasys’ executive VP of global product marketing, and Bruce Bradshaw, Objet’s director of marketing, clarified the reasons behind the merger and addressed some questions on post-merger operations. Continue reading

uPrint Sweepstakes Winner Explains Benefits of Personalized Design

It’s been a little more than a month since executive editor Steve Robbins and I journeyed to Redwood City, California, and delivered a 3D printer to DE Rapid Ready Sweepstakes winner Maegan Spencer, a R&D engineer at Avinger Inc. So last week, I returned to find out how Maegan has been using her prize, a uPrint SE 3D Print Pack. Continue reading

Stratasys and Objet Join Forces to Form a $1.4 Billion 3D Printing Colosus

What Stratasys CEO Scott Crump called “an exciting day for Stratasys and Objet” began around 7:30 AM Central Time this Monday, April 16. It was the day the two companies announced their handshakes to come together and form a 3D printing powerhouse, estimated to be valued at $1.4 billion. Continue reading






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