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Optimization Leader: Red Cedar Technology
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Red Cedar Technology

Organizations have invested millions of dollars in constructing validated 3D simulation models to predict complex physical behaviors of their products. Naturally, they want to leverage this investment to widely explore the limits of their design envelopes in order to identify truly innovative product designs. The HEEDS parametric design exploration software from Red Cedar Technology makes this possible by providing four key capabilities:

Red Cedar TechnologyCAD & CAE Process Automation

HEEDS provides an environment to easily link together various commercial and legacy software tools and simulation tasks to allow engineers to fully and automatically evaluate design alternatives with one-button ease.

Scalable Computation

Once an evaluation process is automated, HEEDS makes it simple to harness the power of all available software licenses and hardware compute resources to cost-effectively and simultaneously explore many design variations of a product. By leveraging available token licensing systems, high performance computing clusters, heterogeneous environments, and cloud resources, HEEDS radically simplifies network computing.

Efficient Design Exploration

Historically, CAE engineers were forced to simplify their complex CAE models and build surrogate representations using DOE and response surface methods prior to optimization. But, the proprietary SHERPA search strategy inside of HEEDS makes it possible to efficiently explore the entire design space with direct optimization on detailed process models, with no simplification. It just works, and works quickly!

Sensitivity & Robustness Evaluation

Finally, HEEDS not only presents the engineer with a small number of attractive design concepts that satisfy requirements, but also provides sensitivity and robustness information to ensure stellar product performance across the range of material and manufacturing tolerance variations.

HEEDS is available as a stand-alone software product to address multi-disciplinary optimization. The underlying technology is also embedded in leading FEA, CFD, MBD, and CAM simulation environments from a variety of vendors, including CD-adapco, Ricardo, ETA, and others.

About Red Cedar Technology

Red Cedar Technology improves and accelerates design processes for companies facing complex product design challenges. Our design optimization software and services provide engineers with the expertise and technology to reduce product development time and achieve significant productivity gains during the design process. Product development teams worldwide use our expertise to design safer cars, engineer life-saving biomedical devices, and develop innovative structures for air travel and space exploration, among many other groundbreaking applications.

Contact Info:

Red Cedar Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of CD-adapco, with headquarters at 4572 S. Hagadorn Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823.

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