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Are Your Business Processes Helping or Hurting You?

In order to gain efficiencies through product lifecycle management, your business processes must be defined.

Professional Systems Associates

Business processes play a major role in how efficiently and effectively products can be engineered, manufactured, delivered, and maintained. According to CMII for Business Process Infrastructure, “Deficient requirements are a by-product of deficient processes.”[1]

CMPROIn order to gain efficiency through product lifecycle management, your business processes must be well defined and continuously maintained as your business evolves. CMPRO is the product lifecycle management software with a Process Workflow Engine (PWE) that helps you optimize your business processes.

How does CMPRO Help Organizations Optimize Processes?

CMPRO helps organizations optimize productivity by providing a vehicle to record internal processes. Often times, people go through daily activities without defined processes. The electronic workflow enabled forms inside CMPRO provide a framework to document business processes.

Once the processes are defined, you can use the CMPRO Process Workflow Engine (PWE) to help flush out the details and make sure all of the steps are clearly established. Some items to consider are:

• What is going on at each point in the process?
• Who is responsible for this?
• Who has the ability to authorize activity and assure that the work is completed?

The CMPRO PWE also allows you to identify the kind of information that needs to be captured at each point in a process.

• Who supplies this information?
• Where does it come from?
• What are the requirements?
• Are there fields that need to be updated automatically based on other values?
• Are there things that need to be done before we move forward in the process?

CMPRO empowers businesses to control processes by offering polls, checklists, and discussions that can be added to each step of the process based on the business requirements.

About Professional Systems Associates

Gain Control Over Processes and Product Information

Professional Systems Associates, Inc. helps organizations gain control over their processes and product information. PSA believes in creating long-term relationships with its customers by constantly adapting CMPRO to their needs and providing exceptional support.

Contact Info:

1308 Florida Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401
Phone: 1-800-373-3453

For more information visit:

Source [1]: Guess, V. C. (2006). CMII for Business Process Infrastructure. Pheonix, AZ: CMII Research Institute.

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