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Optimization Leader: ETA
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Following Nature’s Lead for Ultimate Design Efficiency

Optimization-led Engineering Service Enables Over 40% Mass Reduction.


The shapes and configurations of nature are wildly complicated, non-intuitive and completely amazing. The shapes and forms found in nature in the structure of a tree, a human skeleton, insects and animals are truly the most efficient designs imaginable. By mimicking the flawless balance between structure and strength of nature’s most efficient shapes, ETA engineers incorporate similar balance to product structural design for any complex structure, such as automobiles, aircraft and other systems.

etaThe Accelerated Concept to Product® (ACP) Process is a holistic cost reduction methodology which enables the structure of a product, such as the vehicle’s body-in-white, to mimic “Nature’s Way”. Doing so creates the ultimate design efficiency, where structure, stiffness and strength are perfectly balanced for the intended multidisciplinary function. As a Product Design Engineering Consultant, ETA provides this service to companies looking to improve efficiency and performance at the component, sub-system and/or full- system level in a wide variety of industries.

ACP is a performance-driven product design development engine based on design optimization and incorporates the use of multiple CAD, CAE and CAO tools in a systematic approach to find the optimal design solution. This methodology provides solutions, which address the conflicting challenges facing the modern product development environment. It achieves this by synchronizing the individual facets of the product development process, resulting in an overall cost reduction (material, manufacturing, tools and design time), in development costs and time to market.

Material selection and utilization, product performance, manufacturing requirements and assembly processes are all considered as early as possible in the design cycle. The resulting design offers a robust and highly efficient solution; which when combined with the strength and design flexibility of materials; facilitates significant mass reduction (40% or more) for the final design, while realizing and even exceeding performance requirements.

The ACP Process has been applied to many structural systems in its entirety, including World Auto Steel’s FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) Program, which was completed last year. During the final phase of program, FSV achieved 39% mass reduction and the new mass target was achieved in the design. The program incorporated weight reduction, from vehicle baseline to detailing the steel body structure concepts for the vehicles to meet aggressive mass targets of 177.6 kg, while meeting 2015-2020 performance objectives.

About ETA

ETA is committed to the delivery of processes, tools and services of consistently high quality and to continual improvement. ETA strives to be innovative and excels at providing new technology and multi-disciplinary expertise by developing new processes to help reduce cost and increase quality.

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Troy, MI 48083 USA

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