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Optimization Leader: Convergent Science, Inc.
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Convergent Science Optimizes CFD by Automating the Meshing Process

Never make a mesh again.

Convergent Science, Inc

As organizations sprint at a breakneck pace toward product innovation and improvement, they often run into a hurdle in their CAE toolchain…Meshing. Meshing can be one of the most time consuming processes in the entire CAE procedure. With inconsistencies between different meshes, diffusion due to mesh stretching, and trying to guess where to put more mesh for increased accuracy, the list of meshing issues is long. Add to that a complicated or moving geometry and the complexity of the mesh can increase exponentially.

Optimized Meshing

Convergent Science, Inc. has optimized the CFD lifecycle by removing the user defined meshing process with CONVERGE™ CFD Software. CONVERGE™ automates the entire meshing process at runtime. The mesh is re-created for each time step with the addition of Adaptive Mesh
Refinement (AMR). AMR adds increased meshing resolution where and when it is needed automatically. This new and innovative approach uses a completely stationary orthogonal Cartesian mesh. The ability to simulate complex moving geometries is handled just as easily as stationary geometries.

Optimized Detailed Chemistry

The automated meshing in CONVERGE™ not only optimizes your CFD lifecycle, it also allows engineers to accurately solve combustion analyses with detailed chemistry. Solving detailed chemistry with CONVERGE™’s AMR technology will reduce runtimes and increase accuracy by dynamically adding mesh resolution at runtime when and where it is needed, effectively optimizing the mesh for combustion during runtime.

Optimized Designs

CONVERGE™ comes fully equipped with a genetic algorithm optimization model. To put it simply, CONVERGE™ takes a “survival of the fittest” approach to design optimization and automatically initiates CONVERGE™ CFD simulations in search of an optimum product design. Utilizing this approach, the manual user interaction inherent in traditional design optimization is effectively removed.

About Convergent Science, Inc.

Convergent Science, Inc. is a world leader in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Our flagship product, CONVERGE™, is a CFD software package that is revolutionizing how fluid dynamics modeling is being used by engineers, researchers and designers. With CONVERGE™, traditional CFD bottlenecks (namely grid generation) have been removed from the modeling process, allowing users to spend more time analyzing their simulations and no time generating grids.

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Convergent Science, Inc. is a world leader in CFD software. Our flagship product, CONVERGE™, is a CFD software package that is revolutionizing how fluid dynamics modeling is being used by engineers, researchers and designers by automating the meshing process at runtime. Never make a mesh again.

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