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Optimization Leader: CAE Associates
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Pervasive Simulation is the Key to Optimized Products

CAE Associates helps companies succeed through automation of CAE processes.


In today’s competitive business environment, the traditional product development paradigm cannot produce designs with enough speed or robustness to ensure market dominance. Multiple iterations of design-build-test are not acceptable from a time and cost perspective. As a result, market leaders in all major industries, having adopted engineering simulation a long time ago, are at the next stage and employ simulation as an inherent part of all phases of the product development process. From preliminary design through manufacturing, simulation plays a key role in how they develop better quality, lower cost products and get them to market first.

The infusion of computer modeling and simulation throughout the design process cannot be successful without development of automated analysis methods which are scalable and persistent throughout. There is insufficient time for manual creation and rework of FEA and CFD models as the design progresses from concept to production. This must happen automatically and in real-time. Also, to be truly predictive of product behavior in the field, and to ensure that the optimal design is chosen, hundreds, perhaps thousands of variations must be investigated. This is not feasible without an integrated, automated process. To be successful, optimization first requires automation.

For over 30 years, CAE Associates has been helping technology leaders integrate automated, customized, FEA and CFD solutions into their process. We work closely with clients to understand how they design products, make recommendations for how they can most benefit from simulation at various stages, and implement the resulting plan. The result is a streamlined simulation workflow which can be leveraged to produce an optimal design.

Automation and customization projects at CAE Associates range from the development of simple scripts for automating a repetitive task, to creating entire simulation processes, driven from beginning to end with no user intervention, or even any knowledge of how to use the underlying analysis software. The complexity of the project is not important; we remain focused on the benefits to our clients. Past projects include:

• Process to automatically predict fatigue life in ball grid arrays.

• Automated procedures to configure and optimize medical stents.

• CFD-based electric motor optimization to minimize windage losses.

• Automated spline-coupling modeling system for gas turbine engines.

• Comprehensive customization process for optimization of air conditioning compressors.

All of these examples began with simulations that required many man-weeks or months to complete manually, and reduced the process to a few simple mouse-clicks. We enabled our clients to move from using simulation as a last resort to the new paradigm of using it in a systematic, predictive fashion for the development of optimized products.

About CAE Associates, Inc.

As an engineering consulting firm founded in 1981, CAE Associates guides leading organizations through simulation solutions for structural, thermal and fluid design challenges. We offer straight advice and expert consulting to help both large and small companies maximize the value from engineering simulation. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each client, helping to quickly meet near-term requirements, while positioning for long-term success.

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1579 Straits Turnpike, Suite 2B, Middlebury, CT 06762
Phone: 203-758-2914

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