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Optimization Leader: Aras
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Replace Legacy PLM to Optimize and Accelerate Performance for Large-Scale Multi-CAD Management

Independent Testing Verifies Aras Next Generation PLM Outperforms Leading Legacy PLM and Loads CATIA 81% Faster.

ArasIf you’re looking to optimize performance across the enterprise, there’s no better place to focus than PLM starting with CAD file management. And if you are a CATIA user, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of slow performance when managing these large, complex files on a daily basis. You are not alone.

Performance is a very real challenge that global companies face with legacy PLM systems. Organizations are frequently forced to spend valuable resources and time to improve PLM performance, and are often unable to achieve meaningful improvements. Performance issues become particularly acute when a business has complex processes and is using a legacy PLM system for CAD data management, as the total size of files and metadata continue to increase exponentially.

ArasA recent independent report by T-Systems International documents the actual, validated performance improvements achieved when a legacy PLM system for managing CATIA was replaced with Aras.
During a client project, a series of different real world assembly structures were identified, analyzed and used as reference cases. The file size of the CAD data varied between 50 and 450 MB — depending on the volume and complexity of the CAD structure — including test scenarios focused on the loading procedure of large assembly structures (with over 1000 CAD objects) into the design mode of CATIA V5.

Aras Innovator outperformed the legacy PLM system in every test.

Aras’s speed ranged from 41% to 81% faster, performing better on larger assemblies. On the two largest assembles, the legacy system failed to load the files even after several attempts while Aras loaded the assemblies quickly. What’s more, Aras achieved these results with 1/3 the IT hardware resources of the legacy PLM system.

About Aras

Aras provides powerful PLM technology to leading companies around the world. Only Aras offers a highly scalable, flexible and secure PLM platform with an open architecture designed specifically for tomorrow’s complex global product development environments. Discover your next PLM solution at

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