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Optimization Leader: Altair
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Innovative Design Can Make Anything Lighter

Altair's technologies and expertise change the way organizations design products.

AltairAltair develops and implements intelligent simulation technologies that allow you to significantly reduce the weight of your products, saving cost, fuel and CO2 emissions, but how do we do it?

Instead of taking a product that's already been designed and just try to shave off material, we take a different approach, which we call "simulation-driven design" where CAD and CAE are deployed in parallel.


Using our optimization technologies our clients can define a design space, an area where the component must fit in the structure, including data of any holes or access points required. Loads are applied to the design space along with manufacturing constraints and other variables, allowing our technology to suggest the best possible material layout, which meets the predetermined performance targets.

Over the last two decades, Altair has pioneered simulation-driven design to generate innovative design solutions for its clients. This has resulted in products that exhibit minimum weight and outstanding performance in industry leading timescales.

Altair's software solutions enable users to design high performance, weight efficient structures, starting in the concept design phase. Designers and architects can use solidThinking Inspire to generate and explore structurally efficient concepts in a friendly and intuitive environment.

Moving to product engineers and analysts, HyperWorks offers optimization solutions for both concept studies and design fine-tuning stages. OptiStruct, Altair's award-winning integrated analysis and optimization tool, along with HyperStudy, Altair's design exploration software, enable a multi-disciplinary product design cycle even for the most complex structures.

But we're not just another software developer. Altair began life as a product design services company and the knowledge of real world product development and understanding of manufacturing processes and constraints has never been lost. Our team works across industries, allowing us to use processes and techniques from one industry and apply them to another.


A Culture of Innovation
Our vision is to radically change the way organizations design products and make decisions, developing and applying simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance. Privately held, with offices in 20 countries, Altair provides Innovation Intelligence® to thousands of customers worldwide.

Contact Info:
World Headquarters
1820 East Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI 48083
Phone: (248) 614-2400
Fax: (248) 614-2411

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