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Optimization Leader: Firehole Composites
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Realizing Composite Possibilities

Firehole delivers solutions for composite optimization challenges.

Firehole CompositesCompanies looking to optimize their designs for weight, corrosion, fatigue, manufacturability, etc. are looking to composite materials. No longer exclusive to aerospace, these materials provide unmeasured opportunities for nearly every industry. However, limited analysis capabilities can prohibit realization of the benefits these materials provide. Opportunities can be lost when engineers are forced to work with inadequate material data, crippling conservative assumptions, analysis uncertainty and costly build and test cycles.

Firehole CompositesBreaking Barriers
Firehole saw that analysis capability had not kept pace with the opportunities these materials offered and has spent the last decade working to close that gap. Their focus has been to identify barriers to optimization with composites and break them down. These include everything from access to reliable material data to accurate simulation methods for various design objectives. As a result, they have produced a suite of products designed to empower anyone looking to excel with composites. A couple of examples:

For early-phase design work, Firehole offers Helius:CompositePro. Those new to composites will find it provides an ample toolset to enable exploration of what-if scenarios. For composite veterans, it provides the fundamental calculations necessary to rapidly pursue optimal properties and performance.

Their flagship product, Helius:MCT, enables advanced finite element analysis of composite materials. Developed as a plug-in to the most commonly used FEA platforms, it provides composites-specific technologies designed to significantly improve accuracy and efficiency of composite simulation. This allows design teams to optimize multiple steps of their design cycle—from material selection and performance improvements to reducing time and money invested in testing.

Active Leadership
Firehole Composites has established themselves as leaders in their field.Recognized for their dedication and expertise, they are actively engaged with subject matter experts and industry leaders in providing the next generation of composite analysis solutions.

Firehole Composites

Firehole Composites provides innovative software tools and engineering services designed to significantly improve structural design and analysis with composite materials. Transferring cutting-edge technology into practical, reliable tools, their mission is to help engineers create lighter, stronger, safer and more efficient composite designs through superior analysis capabilities.

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Firehole Composites
203 South 2nd Street, Suite A, Laramie, WY 82070

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