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Optimization Leader: Creative Dezign Concepts
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Breaking New Ground in Reverse Engineering and CAD

DezignWorks software optimizes design by working with freeform shapes and reverse-engineered data directly in CAD environments.

DezignWorksCreative Dezign Concepts is the developer of the DezignWorks family of products and is a high-level partner to SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and PTC. Its area of expertise has always been in feature-based reverse engineering, but they have recently announced a new CAD add-in tool to help the creative engineer or industrial designer as well.

Creative Dezign ConceptsThe company has recently intro­duced a product called "Dezign­Works Toolz," which features a revolu­tionary new patent-pending technology that analyzes splines and then creates lines and arcs with options to fully con­strain or add relationships. This gives the designer the ability to sketch a freefrom shape and turn that geometry into a dimension-able shape that is drawing and manufacturing friendly.

DezignWorks Toolz has been developed and tested in SolidWorks, but Creative Dezign Concepts has plans to incorporate this technology into Autodesk Inventor as well as other platforms.

Accelerate Reverse Engineering
Creative Dezign Concepts originally made its mark in feature-based reverse engineering software. The company's DezignWorks RE packages allow an engineer to reverse engineer a physical part into an editable, native CAD model directly in SolidWorks, Inventor or PTC products. This is accomplished by having a fully integrated module plug-in that utilizes the existing CAD interface and leverages users' knowledge of the 3D modeling package. This tight integration makes it extremely easy for an experienced CAD user to usually be up and productive making models within a few hours.

Jim Watson, president of Creative Dezign Concepts says, "adding this new curve-fitting technology will further extend the advantage of our industry leading DezignWorks Reverse Engineering software, because traditionally when digitizing freeform shapes such as splines, they could only be pushed or pulled.

DezignWorks Toolz technology now integrated into DezignWorks RE, allows the user to make engineering changes easily that conform to manufacturing design best practices."

Creative Dezign Concepts

Published by Creative Dezign Concepts, the DezignWorks family of software products supports SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and PTC. Engineers and designers use DezignWorks and their CAD software to optimize their original designs as well as capture data from existing parts directly within their respective design environments. This level of integration allows users to maintain associativity so they can design better products faster and more accurately, speeding time to market.

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Creative Dezign Concepts
116 Morlake Drive, Suite 104, Mooresville, NC 28117

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