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Optimization Leader: CD-adapco
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Breaking Down the Barriers of Design Exploration and Optimization

Bringing high-fidelity engineering simulation into the design loop.

CD-adapcoAs organizations realize the value of design optimization studies to gain competitive advantage, it is a natural desire to have the process driven by the most accurate simulations possible. Otherwise, there is a significant risk that the design space established will be a false "virtual design space" that does not correspond to the "actual design space," leading to designs that do not meet expectations when they are put to the test in the real world, thus the need to bring high-fidelity CAE simulations into the automated design loop.

Traditionally, however, there have been several significant challenges that have kept high-end CAE technology from being implemented within design optimization: commercial licensing, accuracy, robustness, efficiency, and coupling with optimization technology.

Cd-adapcoPower Token Licensing
One of the most common barriers to using high-fidelity CAE simulation is the cost of traditional CAE licensing. The use of high performance computing and parallel optimization algorithms are a practical must-have for automated design studies. Historically this would have meant purchasing many expensive software licenses.

But with the new Power Token license system, engineers have full access to affordable license tokens that provide the flexibility to minimize the cost of their optimization process for each individual project.

Accuracy, Robustness and Efficiency
Accuracy, robustness and efficiency are fundamental requirements for point evaluations in a design study. A simulation code must be valid for the entire design space, otherwise the optimization algorithm will be lost. It is akin to the old adage "garbage in – garbage out." An invalid design space, whether due to code crashes or inaccuracy, will lead to an invalid design optimization result. CD-adapco employs an army of software developers and physics modeling experts from around the globe with a singular purpose: to make STAR-CCM+ the most accurate, robust, and efficient CAE software on the market.

State-of-the-art Optimization Technology
Finally, the simulation software must be coupled with design optimization technology such as with STAR-CCM+ and the SHERPA algorithm from Red Cedar Technology. The Optimate+ add-on for STAR-CCM+ gives engineers direct access to the most powerful and effortless optimization algorithm on the market.


CD-adapco is the world's largest independent CFD-focused CAE provider. Our singular purpose is to inspire innovation with our customers while reducing their costs through the application of engineering simulation. A key to achieving this purpose is providing access to advanced physics models during conceptual and preliminary design phases, and innovative licensing models for design exploration and optimization.

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