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Sept. 23, 2011  
Color AM


The Value of Color
Most people can tell you the exact scene in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz when the production switches from sepia/black-and-white to full Technicolor. That stunning achievement was the result of switching out physical film types to run three different strips, sensitized to red, green and blue, through one large camera at the same time. Switching from black-and-white to color in today's world of rapid manufacturing technologies, particularly in additive manufacturing (AM), can be a much less labor-intensive job.
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September 2011



Rapidform Updates 3D Scan
Data Processing Tool

Updated version enables developers to deploy point, mesh and surfacing functions into their own software.

DesignPoint Partners with 3D Systems
Expands product offering to include on demand 3D printing services and 3D printers.

Creaform Reveals New HandyPROBE Arm-Free Optical CMM
Optical probing system features TRUaccuracy technology.

SolidWorks 2012 Unveiled
20th release of CAD software provides more than 200 new functions.

Roland Publishes White Paper on Rapid Prototyping Trends and Technologies
Study compares subtractive and additive approaches, highlights changing market demands.

Download the "Speed Product Development via Virtual Workstation Clustering"
Learn how Parker Aerospace affordably built a virtual cluster with its HP multicore workstations to dramatically reduce its simulation job queue.

Read it here.

Additive Manufacturing Material-Property Study Conducted
Independent university study evaluates material properties over time for PC and ABS plastic parts produced via Stratasys FDM process.

Hexagon Metrology Offers Agilent Laser Calibration System
Online store now offers entire Agilent line.

threeRivers 3D introduces MACRO field of view 3D laser scanner
New addition to product line intended for small part scanning.

Renishaw Announces Release of New Selective Laser Melting Machines
Manufacturing process capable of producing fully dense metal parts direct from 3D CAD.

Roland Expands U.S. Creative Center Gallery
New exhibits feature the creative works of Roland customers.

Fast Apps
Get a detailed look at application stories the editors have determined deserve special notice. Synopses in the magazine links to in-depth application articles on the web site.

DE Mobile
View our beta mobile site on your iOS or Android device by visiting on your device. Tell us what you think.

Optimization Technologies
for FEM and CFD Upgraded

FE-DESIGNLockwood looks into FE-DESIGN's new versions of TOSCA Structure system design software and TOSCA Fluid topology optimization software for channel flow. TOSCA Structure is a modular system for non-parametric structural optimization, and TOSCA Fluid is the only system available for topology optimization of channel flow problems, according to the company.

Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop blogKENNETH WONG'S

Kenneth's been blogging up a storm. Read and comment on his latest posts:

The Catalog is Dead; Long Live
the Catalog

Augmented Reality for
Less Than the Cost of a Webcam

Benefits of Digital Metrology
Engineers save time with 3D metrology.

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 4
Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 4 shifts the focus from form creation to productivity, assembly management and advanced analysis.

Check out these videos, webinars and white papers recommended by DE's editors.

Pointwise's "How to Master Hybrid Meshing for Wind Turbines" webinar
You don't need to be into wind turbine design to get a lot out of Pointwise's webinar, which walks through creating a mesh in 35 minutes.

COMSOL's Microfluidics Module Tutorial
Although COMSOL Multiphysics is an industrial-strength operating environment for modeling and simulating physics-based systems, it has a user interface that makes it readily accessible to occasional users, such as designers, as well as power users. Check out the tutorial.

National Instruments' Machine Design Guide
NI's "Machine Design Guide" provides a step-by-step best-practices guide for designing machines in a multidisciplinary engineering environment. Major topic areas are conceptual machine design and mechanical design, electrical design, embedded software design, and control design.

Upfront Engineering is Real Business
Miles Parker says the goal of concurrent engineering is to drive everything as far upfront as possible.

DE is on the Case
DE shows you an example of how a workstation cluster can be set up, and the real-world benefits it can provide.


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