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August 27, 2012  



Your Next CAD Workstation
Just about every engineer would like the newest and most powerful workstation available. Alas, we can’t have everything we would like. Budget realities and corporate cultures largely determine when upgrades and new purchases occur. But with a little research, engineers can often make a case for a specific upgrade at a specific time—or even an entirely new computer. Continue reading


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August 2012

3D Systems Releases the ProJet 5000
According to the company, the new 3D printer is capable of 24/7 production and can run unattended for more than 80 hours.

U.S. Department of Transportation Test Drives “Smart” Cars
The U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) is experimenting with “smart” cars that can communicate with other vehicles and with drivers.

SolidThinking Evolve 9.0: NURBS Modeling with Feature History
SolidThinking Evolve, developed by Altair Engineering, is a NURBS modeler, but one that comes with a feature history — something CAD users rely on to retrace their steps and modify their designs when necessary.

Geomagic, Laser Design Form 3D Scanning Pact
Geomagic software bundled with Surveyor Auto Gage 3D Scanning System.

Eurocom Launches Scorpius Ultra High Performance Notebook
Includes NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M and 64GB of memory.

NAFEMS and INCOSE Collaborate on Simulation
Groups hope to accelerate innovation for engineering simulation and model-based systems engineering.

Agilent Introduces New Family of Waveform Generators
Instruments deliver low jitter, harmonic and non-harmonic distortion.

ZWCAD Mechanical Helps Accelerate Mechanical Design
Provides automated and associative part and bill of material updates.

Luxion Introduces KeyShot 3.3
SimuTech to distribute HEEDS in Canada.

Pointwise 17.0 R2 CFD Meshing Software Available
Update provides new interface support.

Will Curiosity Kill the Naysayers?
A month before the Mars rover's landing, Steve Robbins put his faith in simulation and testing.

Fast Apps
Get a detailed look at application stories the editors have determined deserve special notice. Synopses in the magazine links to in-depth application articles on the web site.

RF Vector Signal Transceiver Configurable for Multiple Applications
Editor's Pick
Confronted with NI’s latest RF vector signal transceiver, DE Editor-at-Large Anthony Lockwood made a paradoxical remark: “This hardware is software-centric,” he said. He picked the device for its high-level of performance coupled with its custom programmability.

Cutting-Edge Conference Dedicated to FEA, CFD and CAE
NAFEMSNAFEMS, a global, technical organization focused on promoting best practices in engineering simulation, is hosting its North America Conference ’12 in Washington D.C. on September 11-12. The event will include presentations, discussion panels, and training focusing on cutting-edge applications, as well as an exhibition featuring the leading software and hardware providers – all in a neutral and open forum.
Make sure you realize the full potential of CAE by attending the NAFEMS North America Conference ‘12. Find out more here.

Check out these videos, webinars and white papers recommended by DE's editors.

Update on HSMXpress CAM for SolidWorks
Once sold for $5,000, the fully-functional CAM application for SolidWorks is now available for free. DE editor-at-large Anthony Lockwood checks in with HSMWorks, the company behind the free software.

Buy versus Build: Understanding the Total Cost of Embedded Design
National Instruments' paper weighs pros and cons of both approaches.

Enhanced Turbulence Modeling in FloEFD
Mentor Graphics' white paper on CAD-embedded concurrent CFD explains the major physics theories involved.


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