NASA ‘Robonaut’ Program Finds its Legs

Spending time on the International Space Station sounds pretty thrilling. But what if you were seriously injured while orbiting the Earth? Unlike on the Starship Enterprise, there’s no full-time space physician, so NASA is developing a robotic one. Continue reading

Robotic Arms with Muscle Memory

I don’t know what your feelings are about the re-boot of the Spiderman film franchise, but I’m pretty sure we should all be thrilled that a German engineering firm has finally created a real-world version of Doctor Octopus’s tentacles.

Continue reading

Google Starts Robotics Division

As it turns out, while we were contemplating what might be in the mysterious Google barge, and snickering about Amazon’s flying drones, Google has been buying up high-tech companies as part of a plan to create advanced robots for the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Continue reading

Kinect-Controlled Cockroaches

Cockroaches are tough to get rid of (although claims of their ability to survive a thermonuclear explosion are somewhat exaggerated). So if we can’t kill them, maybe we can control them? Continue reading

Touch-Sensitive Electronic ‘Skin’

Robots with feelings have been a trope in science fiction since … well, since robots first appeared in fiction. But how about robots that can actually “feel”—as in physically experiencing the sensation of touch the same way humans do? Continue reading


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