Modeling the Samson Switchblade Flying Car

Editor’s Note: This Q&A with Industrial Designer James Carruthers was submitted by Stephen Hoshaw, an account coordinator at Liaison Public Relations, which represents the companies mentioned in the Q&A. Because our recent post, A Salute to Flying Cars, mentioned the Samson Switchblade, we thought our readers would be interested in the designer’s background.

Industrial designer James Carruthers lends his creative vision and expertise to intricate projects ranging from transportation and automotive design to jewelry and product packaging. Carruthers opened his Ottawa-based studio in 1999 and provides his international client roster with a full menu of design, design-visualization and consulting services. A long-time avid user of Robert McNeel & Associates Rhinoceros 3D modeling toolset, Carruthers has recently extended his focus and toolset to stay at the forefront of changing trends in industrial design. Continue reading


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