Altair Alliance Adds Kinect-Capable Rendering Tool

The Altair Partner Alliance has gained its first rendering tool, a 3D solution with tracking capabilities for augmented reality technologies that leverages Microsoft Kinect. Continue reading

Ubi Interactive Uses the Kinect to Project Touchscreen

I can’t think of any product that gets “hacked” more often than Microsoft’s Kinect. This device, designed for gaming, remember, has been put to so many creative purposes, it’s a little insane. Here are some examples. I bet Google could come up with half a dozen more in the span it takes you to blink.

Ubi Interactive has taken the Kinect and tied it to a projector to create a touchscreen that will work on just about any surface. The projector creates an image and the Kinect measures how you interact with it. Your wall could be your new widescreen monitor.

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Leap Fine Tunes Motion Control

One of the more interesting developments in motion control is how the Kinect has been used and modified for all manner of non-gaming applications. What might have started out as a way to play soccer in your living room has quickly emerged as a motion detecting, 3D imaging, jack-of-all-trades. The system sold around 8 million units in the first 60 days after launch, and Microsoft is working on a new version.

With the kind of success the Kinect has had, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that other companies have looked at motion control and tried to figure out new ways to improve on the technology. Leap Motion hopes to have succeeded with their upcoming release, the Leap.

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Kinect Moves Further Beyond the Console as a New User Interface

If you aren’t much of a console gamer, you might not think that Halo is the best thing to come out of Microsoft’s venture into the gaming market with the Xbox. Increasingly though, it seems like the most interesting item to result from Xbox support is the Kinect. We already talked about Chaotic Moon’s use of the technology (here), and now we’ve stumbled across a couple more ways people are using the Kinect.

Coming out of South Korea, the Kinect is used along with RFID chips, holograms and gigantic 3D screens to create an interactive center called LivePark. The company behind LivePark, D’strict, calls its creation a “4D Art Park” that offers gaming, social activities and live performances.

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Kinect for Windows Arrives, Engineering Applications Follow

Designers and developers interested in gesture-based interfaces finally got what they’ve been clamoring for from Redmond: Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows commercial sensor unit is now available, and the company has launched a Kinect Accelerator Program designed to encourage small companies to develop business applications using the technology.

The commercial sensor unit only works with gesture-aware apps built with the Kinect for Windows SDK, which can support up to four Kinect units on a single PC and includes a “near mode” that allows the units to see objects as close as 40 cm.

According to Microsoft, 200 companies are already involved in a pilot program to develop commercial applications for the popular motion sensing game interface. Continue reading


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