Internet of Things

Battery-Free Wireless Sensor Technology

We’ve been hearing about the “Internet of things” for years, a network of smart devices and sensors that connect all of your appliances and toys and equipment that will allow you to access (or at least monitor) just about everything. One problem holding back this ubiquitous connectivity is that most sensors require some sort of power source. If the sensor is attached to something that is already powered (like a refrigerator), that’s not a problem; but if you’ve got hundreds of sensors in a remote location, you’d need batteries. Continue reading

Open-Source Solution for Temperature Monitoring

Here’s a nice example of the DIY spirit at work. A former Portland, OR, restaurant owner was looking for a way to better monitor food storage temperatures (which had to be regularly checked and written in a notebook). There didn’t seem to be a good automated system available, so he built his own, using open-source hardware to develop a unit that can monitor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure of a given location, then transmit the data via the Internet and a Wi-Fi network.

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