hydrogen fuel cells

Fuel Cell Vehicles Arrive Next Year

Toyota will launch a fuel cell-powered sedan in the U.S. in 2014. The automaker has been showing off the Toyota FCV at auto shows, and says that unlike other fuel cell vehicles, this one will be available for the mass market at an affordable price. Continue reading

Hydrogen Fuel Cells to Cool Refrigerated Trucks

If you enjoy being able to find fresh produce from far-flung corners of the country at your grocery store, thanks are due, in part, to those big refrigerated trucks that haul them from coast to coast. Those trucks, however, rely on transport refrigeration units (TRUs) powered by diesel generators that use 10 gallons of fuel a day, and generate CO2 emissions. Continue reading

“Sponge-Like” Material Could Boost Hydrogen Fuel Cell Performance

Hydrogen fuel cells may very well power the electric vehicles of the future, but right now hydrogen power has some inherent limitations. The technology is expensive, and the hydrogen in these systems has to be compressed at high pressures; current systems lose a significant amount of energy quickly, and the high pressure can lead to unsafe conditions.

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are investigating alternative storage methods for hydrogen-powered fuel cells by synthesizing novel materials with high hydrogen adsorption capacities. By improving storage capacity, the batteries could achieve longer charges, which would be a boon for hydrogen-powered electric vehicle designs. Continue reading


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