Ekso Bionics Designs Exoskeleton for Paraplegics

The drive of scientific invention is really about improving the lives of people. Yeah, some stuff gets created with a military intent, but even those inventions often help move technology to the civilian markets. The idea of creating an exoskeleton that could assist paraplegics to walk again has been around and in development for years, but financing innovations has been spotty.

With military interest in exoskeletons peaking, it has become a bit easier to find initial funding for research. One firm has taken what they’ve learned from working on rugged military models and applied that knowledge to creating an exoskeleton that could improve the lives of paraplegics.

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Exoskeletons Drafted for the Military

Good old science fiction. So often predicting what is to come in the future. If you’ve seen Aliens you might be familiar with a certain famous movie quote that involves Ripley, an oversized exoskeleton and a nasty looking queen. Attempts at creating real-world exoskeletons have been made before, but they’ve always been a tad cumbersome. Technology has advanced and so has the concept.

Extended missions in the field require lots of gear and all that gear can weigh quite a bit. Soldiers are often expected to carry up to 120 lbs of equipment through rough terrain. Over the course of several days, this can become exhausting and lead to less than optimal performance.

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