Edison2 Shifts VLC 4.0 Project Into High Gear

Edison2, the futuristic and energy-efficient car design that took home the top $5 million prize in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition in 2010, is moving forward with its follow-on model, gearing up to start driving a prototype in the next couple of months.

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Next Generation Very Light Car on the Way

Edison2 is still hard at work designing the next generation of its Very Light Car (VLC).

We’ve written about the development of the next-gen VLC before. Edison2 has also expanded its design team (including engineers who previously worked with Mercedes and Northrop Grumman), and is developing an electric version of the car. Altair ProductDesign recently announced it had been tapped to conduct a three-phase engineering study looking at suspension sensitivity, vehicle impact strategy, and structural optimization for the VLC 4.0.

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Design a Door Handle for the Edison2

Here’s a chance to snag some nice prices and show off your design skills, provided you can work quickly. Edison2, Local Motors and Siemens PLM Software are offering up to $6,000 in prizes for the winning entries in a door handle design challenge for Edison2′s next generation vehicle, the VLC (Very Light Car).

Here’s the challenge, according to the announcement from Siemens:

Because of its advanced, streamlined shape, the VLC requires an uncommon door design which opens first out, then swings up. The door will be counterbalanced but will not have power assist. Using the free trial of Solid Edge Design1 software, entrants will be asked to design a door handle which allows the driver to easily open and swing up the door prior to ingress and to swing down and close the door after egress. Thus, the handle must be rigid to pull and lift to open the door, and to bring down and push to close it. And, it must be able to do this while being as light and aerodynamic as possible. Lastly, the door handle must operate the latch.

Participants can use their own Solid Edge software or download a free trial of Solid Edge Design1 from Local Motors for the duration of the challenge.

The VLC has achieved fuel efficiency of up to 110 MPGe during X-Prize on-track testing, and the electric version recorded 245 MPGe in the EPA 5-cycle test.

The contest kicked off on Aug. 1, but you have until Aug. 12 to submit designs. The winners will be announced on Aug. 23. First prize will net you $2,500.

You can see an Edison2 VLC video below:

Source: Siemens PLM Software


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