carbon nanotubes

Nanotubes Lead Way to Faster Chips

IBM scientists at the T.J. Watson Research Center have come up with a way to use carbon nanotubes to build faster, smaller microprocessors with more transistors.

The research, which appeared in a recent edition of Nature Nanotechnology, involves creating an array of carbon nanotubes on the surface of a silicon wafer to build chips with more than 10,000 transistors. IBM has done so at a scale where silicon simply doesn’t work, and by packing so many transistors on to such a tiny area could boost CPU performance significantly. Continue reading

Spray-On Battery Technology in Development

In the quest for better energy storage, researchers have investigated all manner of thin, flexible battery technology, power sources based on kinetic energy, and even batteries integrated into clothing. How about batteries you can paint onto any surface? According to research published in the June 28 issue of Scientific Reports, new “spray-on” battery technology could potentially turn any surface into an energy storage device. Continue reading

Growing the Perfect (And Really Long) Nanotube

Researchers at Rice University, Hong Kong Polytechnic, and Tsinghua University claim that it is theoretically possible to grow perfect, single-walled carbon nanotubes (thinner than a human hair) up to a meter long over a period of 11.5 days. Continue reading


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