Canon Launches MREAL Mixed Reality Headset

Augmented reality (AR) is starting to become a thing. In place of the oft-quoted promise of AR, tech companies are actually starting to manufacture products capable of virtual interaction. The most basic kind of AR experience can be had by viewing a computer overlay of the real world through the window of your smart phone. This is the experience offered by the Google game (still in closed beta) Ingress.

Walking around and holding your phone in front of you is hardly the most ideal AR experience. Project Glass, also from Google, is a more ambitious use of AR, but it isn’t quite ready to go yet. For now, if you want to use AR for your business, Canon’s MREAL system seems to be the best bet on the market. Continue reading

Canon Develops Mixed-reality Display

Anyone who has seen one of the Iron Man movies has seen Tony Stark designing and interacting with computer generated 3D models. While today’s tech isn’t quite as advanced as that shown in the movie, audiences were shown a demonstration of the potential for mixed-reality (MR) displays.

Don’t get the terminology confused. Augmented reality is just laying information over what the user is seeing, ala Google glasses. Along with information, MR allows the user to see — and interact with — 3D models, just like Mr. Stark. Just as shown in Iron Man, this technology has a great potential for design.

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