A Battery Made of Wood

Scientists at the Energy Research Center at the University of Maryland in College Park have come up with a new spin on “green” energy: batteries made out of wood fibers.

The fibers are formed into thin sheets and coated with tin. Charged sodium ion particles flow through the fibers, which creates the electric current. Continue reading

New Approach to Processing Lithium for Batteries

A Vancouver start-up claims to have come up with a way to help reduce the cost of new lithium-ion battery technologies.

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Tesla’s Elon Musk Knocks Dreamliner Batteries

Boeing is frantically trying to save face in the wake of several electrical failures and at least one fire on several of its its much ballyhooed 787 Dreamliner airliners. Authorities in the U.S. and Japan are currently investigating the fires, and now one of the world’s best known inventors has chimed in by criticizing the battery technology onboard the planes.

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Built-In Batteries Reduce Weight

When we covered the Lola-Drayson electric race car a few months ago, I focused on the recycled and flax-based composites used in the chassis. One element of the design I didn’t get into at the time was the innovative use of “structural batteries” incorporated into the vehicle. Continue reading

Spray-On Battery Technology in Development

In the quest for better energy storage, researchers have investigated all manner of thin, flexible battery technology, power sources based on kinetic energy, and even batteries integrated into clothing. How about batteries you can paint onto any surface? According to research published in the June 28 issue of Scientific Reports, new “spray-on” battery technology could potentially turn any surface into an energy storage device. Continue reading


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