User Interfaces

Designer Unveils Touchscreen Table Concept

Here’s a nice piece of practical, space-efficient potential technology that marries flexible display capabilities with furniture. Designer Gu A Reum has posted images of his touchscreen tabletop concept, the Flexus Transformable Table.

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Altair Alliance Adds Kinect-Capable Rendering Tool

The Altair Partner Alliance has gained its first rendering tool, a 3D solution with tracking capabilities for augmented reality technologies that leverages Microsoft Kinect. Continue reading

A PC For Your Ear

Forget all those heads-up, holographic approaches to hands-free computing that put data in front of your eyeballs. Japanese firm NS West has developed a wearable PC for your ear.

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Sensor-Based Approach to Gesture Control

A Canadian startup firm called Thalmic Labs has come up with what may be a whole new way to provide gesture-controlled computer interfaces.

The Myo, which looks like a black armband, uses sensors to detect electrical impulses in the muscles, and then translates them into screen commands via a Bluetooth connection. This would move gesture controls away from camera-based solutions (like Kinect). Continue reading

Wolfram Language Makes the World “Computable”

It can be challenging to wrap your head around new computing concepts that are supposed to turn the world on its head, but take a gander at this VentureBeat piece on Stephen Wolfram’s new computing paradigm. It combines the Wolfram Alpha search engine, the Mathematica computation platform, and natural language programming in  a way that allows programmers to build apps that already “know” vast quantities of information.

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