Altair Alliance Adds Kinect-Capable Rendering Tool

The Altair Partner Alliance has gained its first rendering tool, a 3D solution with tracking capabilities for augmented reality technologies that leverages Microsoft Kinect. Continue reading

e-Zest Releases Its 2014 Technology Trend Predictions

The Global IT Services company e-Zest has released its predictions for the upcoming technology year. According to e-Zest, they believe that this year will see an overall growth in IT spending, with the largest contributions from enterprise software and device sales. The study was conducted by e-Zest’s business research team. Continue reading

‘Jumping’ Water Droplets Could Produce Electricity

In the quest for better forms of renewable energy, researchers have looked at all manner of potential sources: the sun, the wind, the ocean, even volcanoes.

Researchers at MIT have stumbled across another potential source of energy: condensation in the air.


Researchers Simulate Metallic Glass Failures

Metallic glass (amorphous metal) is a sturdy material that is finding its way into a number of applications, including nanomolds, as a biomaterial for setting broken bones, and for use in cell phones and other devices. Sometimes, however, the material can crack or break. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have been studying this phenomena using computer simulations to determine how much energy is required to crack the material, and how susceptible it is to breakage.


Ex-Cop Assembles Robot From Scavenged Electronics

I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen where some genius kid or eccentric tinkerer or intelligent alien assembles really cool technology using common household electronics. Remember E.T. building that interstellar communicator out of an umbrella and a record player? I even saw a movie once where a kid built a zombie-killing weapon out of a laser disc player. Continue reading


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