A PC For Your Ear

Forget all those heads-up, holographic approaches to hands-free computing that put data in front of your eyeballs. Japanese firm NS West has developed a wearable PC for your ear.

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Power From Low-Frequency Vibrations

Generating power via piezoelectrical processes has always been limited by the size of the device and the frequency generated, but researchers at Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) claim to have found a way to harvest enough power from low-frequency vibrations to power small electronics.

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Forget Google Glass; Check Out Their Contact Lenses

Google Glass has been making the news for awhile now thanks to everything from technical innovation to fashion critiques to privacy concerns. Now Google is trying its hand at electronic contact lenses. Continue reading

Flexible Nanowire Sensors Could Monitor Strain and Pressure

New “stretchy” sensors built on nanowire conductors could potentially be embedded in clothing, or on human skin and other surfaces to track strain and pressure, or provide touch-based functionality in new form factors. Continue reading

Smart Thermostat Gets Smarter

It’s January, and you’ve got your thermostat set to help fight off the cold. Then you start cooking a four-course meal in the kitchen, and the combination of the furnace and your oven have you peeling off your cardigan and wiping sweat from your brow. What to do? How about installing a smart thermostat sensor that can adjust the temperature based on the room you happen to be standing in? Allure Energy has expanded its “smart home” technology to include a sensor that combines near field communication (NFC) for Android devices and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Apple’s iBeacon Technology in a single form factor.

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