Beware Robot Smog

If the thought of autonomous robots and personal drones ferrying your packages and morning coffee to you sounds exciting, then consider the unintended consequence of “robot smog,” the term used by Illah Nourbakhsh, a professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon, to describe the noise pollution and awkward social interactions that accompany a future populated by these machines.

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Google Acquisition Leads DARPA Robotics Challenge

One of Google’s recent robotics acquisitions, the Japanese-based company SCHAFT, has pulled into the lead of the Pentagon’s DARPA Robotics Challenge.

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Increase Your Strength With Robotic Arms

The first time you see Iron Man’s suit, or Ripley stepping into that high-tech construction exoskeleton in Aliens, your mind tends to ponder the question of using some sort of robotic apparatus to gain increased strength. Now, some engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania have come up with a portable, wearable robotic arm that can help users boost their lifting power by about 40 lbs. Continue reading

Google Starts Robotics Division

As it turns out, while we were contemplating what might be in the mysterious Google barge, and snickering about Amazon’s flying drones, Google has been buying up high-tech companies as part of a plan to create advanced robots for the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Continue reading

The Family that Builds Robots Together …

Some parents volunteer at their childrens’ school. Some spend hours on the floor building Lego towers. Others turn their garages into veritable robot factories for their precocious daughters.

OK, I only know of one family that’s done the latter: the Beatty clan in Asheville, NC. Father Robert and his two daughters (Camille, 13, and Genevieve, 11) are self-taught robotics engineers who began tinkering in the garage a few years ago. Now, they’ve built some replicas of NASA’s rovers that are landing in science museums. Continue reading


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