NASA ‘Robonaut’ Program Finds its Legs

Spending time on the International Space Station sounds pretty thrilling. But what if you were seriously injured while orbiting the Earth? Unlike on the Starship Enterprise, there’s no full-time space physician, so NASA is developing a robotic one. Continue reading

Robotic Arms with Muscle Memory

I don’t know what your feelings are about the re-boot of the Spiderman film franchise, but I’m pretty sure we should all be thrilled that a German engineering firm has finally created a real-world version of Doctor Octopus’s tentacles.

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Modeling the Bat Wing

If it worked for Bruce Wayne, why not engineering professors? Researchers at Virginia Tech have taken fruit bat wing measurements to create a computer representation of wing motion and airflow that they hope to use for developing robotic vehicles that fly in a similar fashion.

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Self-Organizing Robotic Construction Crew

We’ve all been in classrooms, offices, rec leagues, and other scenarios where it seems like nothing can ever be accomplished unless a supervisor or a leader is literally telling everyone what to do. That’s not a problem for robots, at least not the tiny, termite-inspired ‘bots that Harvard researchers have developed. The robots can construct complex structures without any supervision using a form of “group intelligence.” Continue reading

Engineering Students Provide Helping (Robotic) Hand

Bioengineering students from the Rice University George R. Brown School of Engineering Design developed a robotic arm to help a fellow teenager overcome his physical limitations.

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