Forget Google Glass; Check Out Their Contact Lenses

Google Glass has been making the news for awhile now thanks to everything from technical innovation to fashion critiques to privacy concerns. Now Google is trying its hand at electronic contact lenses. Continue reading

The Tricorder May Have Arrived

There are so many fantastic gadgets coming out of CES, it’s hard to keep up, but one announcement that immediately caught our attention this year is Scanadu’s Scout, a functioning Star Trek-style tricorder for tracking human health. Continue reading

Bionic Man Shows Off Advanced Prosthetics

A “bionic man” developed at the University of Zurich paid a visit to the U.S. capital earlier this month, displaying some of the most advanced prosthetics technology available. Continue reading

Biosensor Kit for Makers, Developers

A Portuguese company is offering a kit-based biosensor system for makers and product developers that provides a low-cost, fast way to test new medical device and health-related designs. Continue reading

Turn Your iPhone Into a Biomed Lab

Bored with your iPhone? Try turning it into a low-cost spectrophotometer. Some researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have come up with a an iPhone app and a cradle packed with biosensor technology that will let users detect toxins, proteins, bacteria, viruses and other biological material.

The sensors could allow people to run field tests to spot poisons, measure food safety, and even make medical diagnoses using an iPhone.

Continue reading


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