‘Living’ Nanomaterials Made from E.coli

You don’t often hear positive news about the bacteria E.coli, but researchers at MIT may have advanced the development of self-assembling materials by using the bacteria to create a material with properties of both living and non-living substances.

By adding gold nanoparticles or quantum dots to the bacteria, the team says it is possible to create “living materials” that could self heal or develop complex networks.

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Graphene Conference Opens in April

We’ve written about the seemingly limitless potential of graphene on this blog before, and how it is being utilized in new applications in increasingly rapid fashion. The material’s potential will be the chief topic at the upcoming Graphene LIVE! conference in Berlin April 1-2. Continue reading

Bendable Glass Engineered to Resist Shattering

As the number of touchscreens has expanded, so has the scourge of the cracked glass. Tablets and smartphones take a lot of tumbles, and if you haven’t busted the glass on one yet, you’re a rare bird, indeed.

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Meet the New High-Tech Naval Destroyer

We devote a lot of space to the high-tech airplanes and helicopters the Department of Defense seems to be commissioning every couple of weeks, so much so that we almost missed the launch of the Navy’s Zumwalt destroyer, which is being touted as the most advanced warship in history.

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Optical Film Inventor Honored

A top 3M scientist has been recognized for his work in optical film development. Andy Ouderkirk, corporate scientist in 3M’s Electronics Markets Materials Division, was named Innovator of the Year by R&D Magazine.

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