A Portable Printer for Your Pocket

How’s this for a Kickstarter pitch: it’s like the Roomba, but it’s a printer. That’s the concept behind Zuta Labs’ Pocket Printer, a tiny device that runs across any size paper and prints grayscale images and documents from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Continue reading

Boeing, Citroen Headline GPU Technology Conference

GPU developers should mark their calendars. NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference will take place March 24-27 in San Jose, CA. Continue reading

Marty McFly Power Laces Coming From Nike

The future is now! Or at least some of the future that was predicted in Back to the Future Part II. As you may recall, in the film Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) sports a pair of high-top sneakers with self-tying power laces. Now Nike has announced its own power laces, which will debut in 2015.

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Engineering Aids Olympians

The Winter Olympics began last week, and I’ve already got a DVR full of hockey, figure skating, and the jaw-dropping biathlon, in which determined cross-country skiers huff and puff up steep hills and then shoot at things. Continue reading

A Better Way to Blow Out the Bad Guys’ Tires

We’ve all seen footage of police departments deploying “spike strips” to take out the tires of fleeing criminals. However, traditional strips have a few drawbacks: An officer has to manually throw them in front of the car, which not only puts the officer in danger, it also allows the driver to potentially avoid the strips. And any pursuing police vehicle also has to drive around the strips, or else someone has to quickly (and manually) retract them.

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