Private Supersonic Jets

Are you a time-pressed high-roller who’d like to fly from continent to continent in half the time? Do you have a spare $80 million burning a hole in your bank account? There’s a Boston-based start-up that would like to interest you in a private supersonic jet. Continue reading

Electric Helicopter Takes Flight in Germany

Germany’s e-volo launched the maiden flight of its two-man electric multicopter, the VC200 Volocopter, last week. The original version of the craft weighed 80kg and could fly for 20 minutes. The two-seater version was developed as a hybrid vehicle with a range extending combustion motor. Continue reading

Rotorcraft Breaks Mu-1 Barrier

A prototype rotorcraft reached a speed and efficiency milestone earlier this month. Carter Aviation’s slowed rotor/compound (SR/C) prototype broke the Mu-1 barrier during a test flight. Continue reading

Lockheed Unveils Hypersonic Spy Plane Plans

Spy plane technology is poised to take a massive leap forward in speed. Lockheed Skunk Works is developing a new hypersonic spy plane to replace the SR-71 Blackbird. The proposed SR-72 will fly at twice the speed of the SR-71, reaching Mach 6. It could potentially even fly unmanned. Continue reading

Boeing, Team USA to Recycle 7,000 lbs. of Carbon Fiber

Boeing and Oracle’s Team USA are about to embark on one of the largest composite recycling projects ever: repurposing 7,000 lbs. of carbon fiber from the USA-71, which was built for the 2003 America’s Cup. Continue reading


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