Convertible Cargo Vehicle/Helicopter Makes First Flight

It’s not fair. I still don’t have a flying car, but the U.S. military may soon have flying trucks. Advanced Tactics has successfully completed the first flight test of the Black Knight Transformer, a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that operates as both a truck and a helicopter. Continue reading

NASA ‘Robonaut’ Program Finds its Legs

Spending time on the International Space Station sounds pretty thrilling. But what if you were seriously injured while orbiting the Earth? Unlike on the Starship Enterprise, there’s no full-time space physician, so NASA is developing a robotic one. Continue reading

Modeling the Bat Wing

If it worked for Bruce Wayne, why not engineering professors? Researchers at Virginia Tech have taken fruit bat wing measurements to create a computer representation of wing motion and airflow that they hope to use for developing robotic vehicles that fly in a similar fashion.

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Acoustic Testing Facility Takes Loud to New Levels

The next time you feel like complaining about your noisy neighbors or the guy in the car next to you whose stereo is cranked so loud that it rattles your fillings, take a minute to be grateful he isn’t blasting his music through the 154-decibel sound system at the Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF).

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Sky Whale Aircraft Design Offers Luxury, Efficiency

Is this the future of air travel? Barcelona-based designer Oscar Viñals’ concept aircraft, the Sky Whale, was unveiled earlier this month. The massive plane has been compared to a flying luxury liner, but is packed with green technology. Continue reading


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