Brian Albright

One-Wheeled Personal Scooter Launches

At a yard sale years ago, I attempted to convince my wife that buying an old unicycle would be the Best Idea Ever. Fortunately for my aging bones, she talked me out of it. But if I ever come across one of these bizarre looking RYNO motorized models, I won’t have to worry about falling down. The vehicle, which incorporates features of the unicycle, motorcycle, and the Segway, includes a gyroscope to keep it upright. Continue reading

Robotic Arms with Muscle Memory

I don’t know what your feelings are about the re-boot of the Spiderman film franchise, but I’m pretty sure we should all be thrilled that a German engineering firm has finally created a real-world version of Doctor Octopus’s tentacles.

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‘Living’ Nanomaterials Made from E.coli

You don’t often hear positive news about the bacteria E.coli, but researchers at MIT may have advanced the development of self-assembling materials by using the bacteria to create a material with properties of both living and non-living substances.

By adding gold nanoparticles or quantum dots to the bacteria, the team says it is possible to create “living materials” that could self heal or develop complex networks.

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Graphene Conference Opens in April

We’ve written about the seemingly limitless potential of graphene on this blog before, and how it is being utilized in new applications in increasingly rapid fashion. The material’s potential will be the chief topic at the upcoming Graphene LIVE! conference in Berlin April 1-2. Continue reading

Taiwan Unveils Stealth ‘Carrier Killers’

When we think about stealth military vehicles, we typically look to the skies. But there are stealth boats, too, including a new twin-hulled vessel from Taiwan that has been built specifically to target aircraft carriers. Continue reading


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