Toss That Server in the Compost Heap

The tech industry has taken a lot of steps to make their products greener, from reducing the of toxic substances used to manufacture electronic devices, an increased focus on recycling, and improvements in energy efficiency. The folks at Facebook would like to take this a step further, however, and make biodegradable computers.

The company has launched a contest as part of its Open Compute Project, asking students at Purdue University to come up with a biodegradable, compostable computer chassis. Teams will receive a server to use for the design process, and winners will present at an upcoming Open Compute Summit.

Students will participate in a Computer and Information Technology (CNIT) course at Purdue during the Spring 2013 semester, then break into teams to develop proposals. At the end of the semester, winning teams will receive funding and support to build a prototype.

You can read more detailed specifications here.

Source: Purdue University

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