SCOD Proposes “Green” Coast Guard Cutter

Sauter Carbon Offset Design (SCOD) is touting an energy-efficient alternative to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutters. The E Class Search and Rescue Sea Eagle design would use half the fuel and travel 10%  faster than the cutters the Coast Guard currently uses, according to SCOD.

The Sea Eagle is based on a solar-hybrid power source that includes  MTU tier 4i diesel engines, along with a 100KW solar array and Corvus 2MW Lithium UPS. In electric mode, the vehicle could travel with zero emissions, and the boat’s solar cells could return more than 200 MWs to the grid (providing a carbon offset of 3,000NM). The Sea Eagle would be faster than the Sentinel (with a maximum speed of 32 knots vs. 29 knots), and provide greater stability and an improved ride thanks to combining a motion dampening regeneration system with self-leveling T-Foils in each hull.

SCOD submitted the design through the USCG’s Unsolicited Proposal Program. While the concept is promising, the Coast Guard is already commissioning new Sentinels, which means it could be quite a while before they entertain an alternative.

The Coast Guard originally contracted with Bollinger Shipyards to build the Sentinels in 2008. The first cutter was commissioned in April at the Port of Miami. Eventually, the Sentinels will replace the fleet of 110-foot patrol boats.

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