Google Glasses Enter Testing Phase

I read a book not all that long ago titled Halting State set in the near future. In this particular universe, the digital divide that existed was less about people with access to the Internet, but rather more about the manner in which people could access the Internet. The story featured a common piece of technology that projected an augmented reality heads up display (HUD) through a pair of glasses or goggles.

The interface for the glasses was controlled mainly by eye movements. Older people who hadn’t grown up with the technology found it difficult to use and were subsequently at a disadvantage. With that little nugget of information in mind, let’s take a look at the newest invention to hit the testing stage from Google: Project Glass.

Google Glasses

Prototype for Google's Project Glass. Courtesy of Google.

Project Glass is the name for a new kind of mobile technology that uses a clear display mounted on headband that projects a virtual dashboard over your normal vision, A.K.A. augmented reality. Google Glasses are controlled by voice command rather than retinal movements, but are otherwise very similar to what I read about in Halting State.

The glasses are integrated with other Google services like voice/video chat, Google Earth, maps, calendar, weather and presumably email. The demonstration video of what the user interface might look and act like (see below) also shows the user taking pictures and checking on how far away his buddy is from a meet up.

Not every venture from Google ends in success. The Wave has been becalmed and Buzz has gone quiet. I suspect part of the reason those particular ventures ended in failure was because they didn’t offer anything new or didn’t outperform already existing products. As far as I know, no one else is making augmented reality glasses (though maybe we’ll see iGlasses soon).

Below you’ll find the demonstration video of how the glasses might end up working.

Source: The Verge

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