Sustainability Group to Focus on Business Processes and Technology

Designers interested in new approaches to sustainability practices in the corporate world should take a look at the new Innovations in Environmental Sustainability Council project launched by IBM and the World Environment Center (WEC). The group, which will include representatives from large companies like GM, Coca-Cola, and Boeing, will explore how innovations in business process and technology can solve sustainability issues involving materials, energy, water, infrastructure, and logistics.

Members will share their own best practices with other companies, and have pledged to incorporate these sustainability strategies and technologies more deeply in their own operations.

According to an interview with the WEC over on GreenBiz:

“When you look at the companies coming together under this council, they have been implementing sustainability in their individual businesses for some years now, so I think what they’re looking to do is take sustainability to the next level, in terms of best practices and looking to further differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”
—  Terry F. Yosie, WEC president and CEO

The WEC and Council member Dow Chemical previously hosted a roundtable on sustainable business models back in November. IBM has launched a variety of programs to help its cusomters design smart/green buildings, initiate smart grid programs, and develop sustainability strategies that also improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The group will have four meetings this year, with each meeting focused on a specific issue: traceability, sustainable infrastructure, water management, and logistics.

The Sustainability Council is holding its first meeting next week in Orlando. Perhaps they should take a look at the recent released Global 100 list of the most sustainable companies in the world. Surprisingly, pharma giant Novo Nordisk was ranked number one this year. IBM came in at #69.

Source: IBM

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