Fantasy Car Design Blends Reality, Sci-Fi Specs

Sometimes it’s fun to see what creative designers can come up with when they aren’t encumbered by pesky constraints like, you know, reality. For example, Portuguese designer Tiago Miguel Inacio has come up with concept car design that’s so futuristic it includes a teleportation feature.

Using the Batmobile from the Tim Burton films as a starting point, Inacio concocted the Mithos, a zero-emissions car with a 1.5 Mw electric motor, a theoretical top speed of 247 mph, crash-resistant, high-fiber body panels that “remember” their shape, and “quantum boost” technology that would allow it to levitate on electromagnetic freeways.

While the “Q-Teleportation” feature is a bit far fetched, an electromagnetic highway isn’t completely off the wall. The folks at Stanford are working on a way to charge electric vehicles using wireless conduits embedded in pavement in order to give EVs an unlimited operating range. Coils built into the road and in the vehicles could create a magnetic field that could wirelessly transmit electricity.

And there are shape memory alloys, although they have yet to be used for vehicle body panels. GM, at least, has tested some high-end “smart materials” for engine components and other parts.

You can watch a teaser video/faux commercial below:

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