Chaotic Moon Teams with Microsoft to Create Interactive Skateboard

You won’t be skipping across water like McFly on his hover board in Back to the Future, but the interactive skateboard developed by Chaotic Moon has some neat tricks engineered into it. By combining a slightly bulkier than average skateboard, a Windows 8 tablet and Xbox Kinect controller, Chaotic Moon has created a Frankenstein device that responds to speech and gesture recognition while processing localization data, accelerometer data, and more.

The amalgamation allows a user to pilot what the developers are calling “the Board of Awesomeness” just by movement. Other features are hinted at, but not spelled out. The skateboard is due to be premiered at CES 2012.

Chaotic Moon Skateboard

Design sketch of the Board of Awesomeness. Picture courtesy of Chaotic Moon.

Traditionally we’ve considered mobile computing to simply mean information provided to us on a device away from our desktops or work areas. But this project shows that a computing environment can provide additional information and controls on the move as well as a completely different take on user experience.
— Phil Wheat, Manager of Chaotic Moon Labs.

While most people might not be interested in commuting to work on this new device, it does open up some possibilities for designing other hands-free technologies, as well as maybe making people rethink how mobile devices can interact with home, work and play.

For a quickie look at the Board of Awesomeness, check out the video below.

Source: Engadget

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