Sharp Introduces Ultra-Thin CMOS Camera Module

Design engineers who need to integrate camera sensors into space-constrained products should take note of Sharp’s new 12.1 megapixel CMOS module, the RJ63YC100. At 5.47 mm high, it’s one of the thinnest available with optical image stabilization.

Sharp is targeting the module at thin-profile mobile devices, like smartphones, that need to deliver high image quality and AV connectivity in a small embedded form factor.

According to the company, the optical image stabilizer uses a lens-shift system to control the lens inside the module. This can eliminate blurring due to camera shake in dim light conditions, or when objects are moving. It also supports full HD (1080p) video capture.

There are other thin modules out there. Sharp already offers several 5mm 5-megapixel modules, and OmniVision has an 8-megapixel module (the OV8850) that is just 4.7 mm thick.

What’s interesting is the marriage of a small-footprint module, high resolution, and image stabilization — difficult to find in a smart phone camera, and potentially useful in other compact applications. The sensor is already being used in Sharp’s AQUOS SH-01D camera.

You can see video clips comparing video with or without the optical image stabilization below:

Source: Sharp

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