ElectronVault Developing Car and Grid Batteries with Autodesk Inventor

Every time oil prices climb to new highs, people begin to think longingly of owning a true electric car. Forget the hybrids. Technologically speaking, a hybrid is an electric car with safety wheels. ElectronVault believes it can solve some of the issues that have, to date, plagued a pure electric car, such as cost and performance.

As part of Autodesk’s Clean Tech Partner Program, ElectronVault has begun to design large-scale battery packs that use batteries similar to those found in digital cameras and laptops. The company’s approach to creating batteries suitable for both electric vehicles and power grids alike is to simply increase the number of battery packs used, rather than creating different batteries for each.

Autodesk Clean Tech Partner ElectronVault makes battery storage systems for electric vehicles like this electric scooter.

According to the company, potential cost issues are addressed by, “…mixing commodity cell prices with ElectronVault’s proprietary management technologies.” It says battery pack costs are halved when compared to other offerings.

The proposed design of ElectronVault’s battery packs include another possible money-saving method. Instead of replacing an entire battery when power runs low, individual depleted cells can be replaced to refresh the pack. The company describes this procedure as similar to replacing burned out spark plugs.

 “Electric vehicles have been around for decades, but their Achilles heel has always been expensive and short-lived batteries. Our business was formed to design battery packs that can be easily serviced in the field by changing out components that can later be repurposed or recycled. Autodesk Inventor was critical in this process, enabling us to reduce design and prototyping time by up to 75%.” –ElectronVault CEO Rob Ferber.

For more information about electric cars now, check out the following video from the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Autodesk


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