Wearable Mouse Could Aid 3D Designers

Ergonomically-obsessed types are always trying to find a better, more flexible computer interface. Just check out our previous coverage of man-to-machine interfaces and brain-to-machine interface research for proof of that, as well as my Cutting the Cord feature article from last year. While some of those ideas are a long time away from commercialization, the wearable computer mouse is an interface idea designers continue to circle back to.

Innovative Developments has unveiled the Mycestro, a finger-worn, four-button mouse that says it untethers the user and allows them to manipulate objects in 3D design software using hand motions. The device could also be used in cars, helping drivers navigate menu choices on increasingly complex automobile displays.

A number of other companies also offer wearable systems, including Denmark Ltd.’s slightly more complicated looking AirMouse, and Genius’s Ring Mouse. Mycestro appears to be among the more compact, and is probably a lot easier to use if you’re also typing.

You can see a demo of Mycestro being used with SolidWorks below, and additional videos here:

Source: Innovative Developments

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