Convertible Cargo Vehicle/Helicopter Makes First Flight

It’s not fair. I still don’t have a flying car, but the U.S. military may soon have flying trucks. Advanced Tactics has successfully completed the first flight test of the Black Knight Transformer, a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that operates as both a truck and a helicopter. Continue reading

A Portable Printer for Your Pocket

How’s this for a Kickstarter pitch: it’s like the Roomba, but it’s a printer. That’s the concept behind Zuta Labs’ Pocket Printer, a tiny device that runs across any size paper and prints grayscale images and documents from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Continue reading

Walmart Shows Off the Truck of the Future

When you’re as big as Walmart, you can throw a lot of resources into just about whatever endeavor you want, including developing a next-generation big rig to help reduce the carbon footprint of your massive truck fleet. Continue reading

NASA ‘Robonaut’ Program Finds its Legs

Spending time on the International Space Station sounds pretty thrilling. But what if you were seriously injured while orbiting the Earth? Unlike on the Starship Enterprise, there’s no full-time space physician, so NASA is developing a robotic one. Continue reading

One-Wheeled Personal Scooter Launches

At a yard sale years ago, I attempted to convince my wife that buying an old unicycle would be the Best Idea Ever. Fortunately for my aging bones, she talked me out of it. But if I ever come across one of these bizarre looking RYNO motorized models, I won’t have to worry about falling down. The vehicle, which incorporates features of the unicycle, motorcycle, and the Segway, includes a gyroscope to keep it upright. Continue reading


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